Multi-function Refrigerant Chargers

These machines are based on the concept of single-point connection to perform a number of functions; the most typical ones being pre-evacuation, leak detection (both pressure decay and tracer gas) and refrigerant charging. Depending on the number of workcells, VTech can implement a centralized data management solution.



VTech is a US based manufacturer of process equipment for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration OEMs and Tier 1 component suppliers.


Items Refrigerant Type Application Productivity

Additional Functions



VTech 200-PD

Refrigeranty Charging System with Pressure Decay Leak Detection

HFC, HCFC and blends Production Cells Low to Medium Pressure Decay Leak Test  alt Brochure - VTech 200-PD

VTech MRC All-in-One

Refrigerant Charging System with Leak Detection and Pre-evacuation

Production Cells Low to Medium Multi-pump Pre-evacuation, Pressure Decay and Tracer Gas Leak Detection  alt Brochure - VTech MRC All-in-One


Automotive Fluid and A/C Charging System

Automotive High Nitrogen purging, engine oil, engine coolant and brake fluid filling  alt Brochure - VTech AUTO


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