Refrigerant Chargers for HFCs, HCFCs and blends

VTech manufactures several models of refrigerant charging machines for use with all common HFC refrigerants and blends. For refrigerants with high saturated  pressure at ambient temperature such as 508b, VTech has innovative metering technology capable of achieving the required accuracy under normal ambient conditions:

  • Fully automatic cycle
  • Very high charging accuracy (as low as ±0.3 g or 0.01 oz)
  • Data collection for quality and production control.



VTech is a US based manufacturer of process equipment for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration OEMs and Tier 1 component suppliers.


Items Refrigerant Type Application Productivity Download


VTech UNO 

HFC, HCFC and blends Commercial refrigeration, Repair Lines Low

alt Brochure-VTech UNO



VTech 100

Commercial Refrigeration, chillers, Custom A/C Low to Medium

alt Brochure-VTech 100



VTech 200 

Domestic Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Medium to High

alt Brochure-VTech 200


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