Thin Film Deposition Monitors


SQM160 Multi-Rate/Thickness Monitor

The SQM160 uses proven INFICON quartz crystal sensor technology to measure rate and thickness in thin film deposition processes. Two sensor inputs are standard and four additional sensor inputs are optional. Two recorder outputs provide analog rate and thickness signals.

Sensor inputs can be assigned to different materials, averaged for accurate deposition control in large systems, or configured for a dual sensor. The rate sampling mode allows a shuttered sensor to extend sensor life in high rate processes. Rate displays of 0.1Å/s or 0.01Å/s are user selectable. In addition, Frequency or Mass displays can be selected. Four relay outputs allow the SQM160 to control source or sensor shutters, signal time and thickness setpoints, and signal crystal failure. Digital inputs allow external signals to start/stop and zero readings.


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Q-Pod Quartz Crystal Monitor

The capabilities of a traditional QCM at a fraction of the size and cost


The new INFICON Q-pod™ transducer is a small, inexpensive, accurate way to measure thin film deposition rate and thickness. Setup and operation couldn't be easier. Connect the Q-pod BNC connector to the signal cable from a QCM sensor. On the other side, a standard USB cable connects to your PC. No external oscillator or power source is required. Load the free Q-pod software on your PC and you're ready to go. Q-pod software displays rate, thickness, frequency, crystal life, and a graph of rate versus time, for up to 8 Q-pods simultaneously. Q-pod readings can be logged to disk in spreadsheet friendly comma-delimited format.


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