Software for Residual Gas Analysers / Mass Spectrometers


Tool Management, Process Specific


INFICON Sensor Integration and Analysis Systems provide process cerification and control, including run-to-run control of key process parameters for process optimisation and immediate and automatic feedback to the process equipment or a process engineer on any faults detected and their probable cause.


FabGuard Sensor Integration and Analysis System takes data from in situ sensors, integrates that data with data from the process equipment itself, and condenses and analyses it to provide the process engineer with actionable information. Alternatively, the engineer can choose to have FabGuard automatically send control command directly to the process equipment.

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Enhance Existing Fault Detection and Classification Systems

Advanced Modeling, Data Analysis and Visualization Capabilities Made Simple


Increase Yield by Expanding Process Data Analysis

FabGuard Analysis Server (AS) makes it possible to analyse every variable in the factory to apply advanced multivariate SPC and modeling. Detecting faults caused by the interactions of multiple process variable is accomplished with the many advanced multivariate analysis tools in FabGuard AS. FabGuard Analysis Server can easily expand the capabilities of existing FDC systems by enabling engineers to detect faults not typically monitored by univariate SPC. Many faults are caused by the complex interaction of multiple advanced techniques to perform Fault Detection, Fault Classification and Metrology Prediction. These tools highlight excursions that simple univariate FDC systems will never detect. FabGuard AS provides engineers a powerful toolbox to uncover hard to detect faults.

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Introducing FabGuard Explorer Gas Analysis Software


Process Characterization Software For The Transpector Gas Analysis System


FabGuard Explorer, process gas characterization software for the INFICON Transpector Gas Anlysis System, is a Microsoft Windows-based application for process characterization and vacuum system diagnostics. FabGuard Explorer gives users the most popular RGA functions - process monitoring, leak detection and recipe controlled operation - in easy-to-use one-click functionality. FabGuard Explorer is Windows 7 tested providing comprehensive RGA software with no concerns about operating system compatibility.

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Fabwide, Process Specific

FabGuard FDC combines on-line Fault Detection and Classification (FDC) capabilities with powerful tools for fab engineers to readily analyse virtually any aspect of process and equipment behavior. No other system provides greater capability to guard against wafer loss, reduce unscheduled tool downtime and improve yield.


Regardless of wafer size or product geometry, timely information is key to fab productivity and competitiveness. Increasing pressure to reduce costs makes it critical to maximise fab productivity by reducing the number of scrapped wafers and by maximising equipment utilization. The challenge of today's semiconducto manufacturing are met by one FabGuard system that enables the collective experience of statisticians and engineers tasked with maintaining cutting edge fab productivity. FabGuard FDC is built on the principle that process and equipment knowledges is crucial to smooth fab operations.

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