Gas Analysers and Gas Analysis Systems


Real-time Endpoint and Contamination Detection from 10 mTorr to 1 Torr

The INFICON Quantus LP100 Gas Analyser provides real-time contamination and endpoint detection for your critical process environments. Many processes are sensitive to trace amounts of contamination and as technological advances push processes to their limits, controlling contamination has become even more critical. The Quantus LP100 is a gas analyser that is designed to instantly react to small changes in sensitive process environments so that scrap is minimised and yields are improved.

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Superior Sensitivity for Contamination Control

The Transpector Gas Analysis System is an RGA that provides accurate and reliable data for vacuum process monitoring, process diagnostics, and leak detection in semiconductor manufacturing. In the Transpector 2, increased hydrogen sensitivity makes contaminants visible at sub-ppm levels, and four times faster scanning over low level signals with an expanded dynamic range provides cleaner data at lower detectable partial pressures.

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Comprehensive Gas Analysis Made Affordable

INFICON Transpector CPM provides in situ early warnings and lowers costs by:

  • measuring gas phase reactions
  • verifying vacuum integrity
  • identifying trace-level contaminants
  • measuring process and background composition
  • qualifying gas purity

The INFICON CPM Compact Process Monitor is a full-featured, compact and affordable gas analyser that's ideally suited for in situ monitoring of complex processes. This dry-pumped system uses the proven technology of the INFICON Transpector 2 Gas Analysis System to help achieve new levels of performance.

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Consistent Sensitivity for Optimal Contamination Control

The INFICON Transpector HPR combines the high performance of a Transpector RGA with a calibration reference to make an automated instrument for performing tool diagnostics and monitoring. Combined with the powerful capabilities of INFICON FabGuard Sensor Integration and Analysis System, Transpector HPR has the ability to monitor itself, as well as monitor the tool for discrepancies and flaws in the process.

General Application

  • helium leak detection of various tool modules
  • monitoring of module conditions for preventive maintenance purposes
  • record data after preventive maintenance
  • rate of rise measurements
  • background condition monitoring

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Unparalleled Performance for Increased Yields and Maximum Uptime

The ever increasing price of silicon wafers and demand for finished products means that scrapped wafers cost more than ever before. Thus, understanding your process and monitoring for detects has become a much higher priority in semiconductor fabrication centers. The Transpector MPH Gas Analysis System is designed to unlock your process with industry leading performance for all of your gas analysis applications to help maximise chip yields and minimise tool downtime. Combined with a low overall cost of ownership and high mean-time-between-failures, Transpector MPH helps your bottom line more than any other residual gas analyser (RGA) on the market.


INFICON has leveraged its expertise in gas analysis process control equipment to create an RGA with industry-leading data collection speed, minimum detectable partial pressure and signal-to-noise ratio. All this, without sacrificing any of the reliability you have come to expect from INFICON Transpector Gas Analysers.

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PVD Process Monitoring Without Complex Pressure Conversion

RGA process monitoring with Transpector XPR3 can provide you with real-time data on contamination levels, outgassing levels, gas purity and equipment operation. This information can be used to maximise throughput and yield, reduce waste by detecting and diagnosing problems, and increase tool uptime by making preventive maintenance programs more efficient and effective.


Transpector XPR3 is the next generation in high-pressure, quadrupole-based process gas analysis. It builds on the success of previous INFICON systems to allow monitoring of physical vapor deposition (PVD) processes with unprecedented sensitivity, accuracy, and flexibility. A series of technological breakthroughs allow the compact Transpector XPR3 to operate from 20 mTorr to ultrahigh vacuum without the need for large, complex pressure conversion equipment.

Transpector XPR3 Applications:

  • PVD process modules
  • preclean modules
  • non-cluster PVD tools
  • clamped degas modules

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Solar Cell and LCD Process Yield Optimisation by Monitoring Gas Pressures, Detecting Contaminants, and Locating Leaks

Monitoring process gases and base vacuum conditions is an affordable and efficient RGA with the Transpector XPR3L Gas Analysis System. PVD process monitoring with the XPR3L provides real-time data on process gas pressures, gas ratios, contamination levels, impurities, and leaks. This information can be used to maximise both process yield and product quality. Background monitoring with the XPR3L can make preventive maintenance programs more efficient and effective by quickly detecting and diagmising leaks and contaminants.


  • Solar/Photovoltaic Manufacturing
  • LCD Manufacturing
  • PVD Process Monitoring
  • Monitor Process Gas Pressures and Ratios
  • Reveal and Identify Contaminants
  • Detect and locate leaks (air, helium, water, other vapors)
  • PM Recovery/Troubleshoot and Verify Base Vacuum

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