High Vacuum Valves


QS Australia always selects the high quality products with cost-effectiveness for our customers. With our variety range of vacuum valves, we are proudly representative of HVA who is the premier manufacturer and supplier of vacuum valves, high vacuum valves and ultra-vacuum valves to the world’s leading vacuum technology innovators. HVA valves consists of a wide range of vacuum valves with either stainless steel or aluminum material, customised size and fitting to be easily integrated with your existing vacuum system or an OEM designing a new system. We offer anything from HVA standard products, flange hardware/installation kits, custom vacuum valves and spare parts as all the models are shown below.


For almost 40 years, HVA has been building the highest quality, best engineered vacuum valves in the industry. HVA world class manufacturing facility is currently in Reno, Nevada USA.


11000 Series Stainless Steel Gate Valve

4000 Series Stainless Steel Angle Valve

88200 Series Aluminum Rectangular/Slit Valve


28200 Series Stainless Steel Rectangular/Slit Valve


21200 Series Stainless Steel Million Cycle Valve

21700 Series Stainless Steel 3-Position Valve

81000 Series Aluminum Gate Valve


71000 Series Stainless Steel Harsh Process Valve

Stainless Steel Ball Valve Series


16000 Series Stainless Steel Shielded Gate Valve

78000 Series Stainless Steel View Port Valve


89200 Series Stainless & Aluminum Transfer Door Valve

13000 Series Stainless Steel Laminar Flow Valve

62000 Series Stainless Steel Throttle Gate Valve

61000 Series Stainless Steel Throttle Butterfly Valve











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