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QS Australia PTY LTD proudly distributes the INFICON leak detectors which have renown as being the world-class instruments for gas analysis, measurement and control. INFICON offers a broad range of leak detection systems and instruments to enhance productivity and quality in many industrial processes. There are many selections of the leak detection to meet the varying customer requirements and your budgets such as high accuracy Helium, CHLD-Pernicka, Hydrogen, Multigas, hand-held leak detectors & sniffers. These instruments have 2 years warranty on purchase.


The leak detection is essential for widespread industrial processes involving in air conditioning/refrigeration, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, packaging and the life sciences while INFICON has provided the best solution for that.

QS Australia PTY LTD has INFICON qualified factory trained Engineers capable in servicing and repairing all INFICON leak detectors at our workshop as per manufacturers instructions. Annual held service update trainings conducted by INFICON Engineers from the head office ensure latest technology and service updates are passed on to our service engineers.

Leak Detection products are classified as the following:  


INFICON is headquartered in Switzerland and has world-class manufacturing facilities worldwide.


Click on the Movie clip below on an application for the Sensistor Hydrogen sniffer:



Leak Detectors video
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