Hydrogen Leak Detectors


Sensistor XRS9012 Hydrogen Leak Detector

Portable Hydrogen Leak Detector Sensistor 9012XRS is a considerable improvement of the well proven, never surpassed, Hydrogen Leak Detector 8012. It is not only lighter, tougher and smarter - it helps you to locate leaks much quicker and save time and money.

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Sensistor ISH2000 Hydrogen Leak Detector - desktop model

Hydrogen Leak Detector Sensistor ISH2000 is the new and improved model replacing the old H2000. ISH2000 is the ultimate tool for leak detection and leak locating using diluted hydrogen as tracer gas, finding leaks down to 1x10E-7 mbarl/s. New functions and new intelligent handprobe will make your leak testing more efficient than ever before. The picture shows the desktop model.

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Sensistor ISH2000P Hydrogen Leak Detector - for panel mounting

Hydrogen Leak Detector Sensistor ISH2000P is the panel version of the ISH2000. Designed for integration into industrial leak test systems, ISH2000P allows reliable leak test and tightness control of your test object.

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Sensistor ISH2000C Hydrogen Leak Detector - battery operated

Sensistor ISH2000C is a portable (4 kgs / 8.8 lbs), battery operated version of the Hydrogen Leak Detector Sensistor ISH2000. The ISH2000C can also be run continuously from the battery charger.

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NEW! Sensistor ISH2000 HySpeed Hydrogen Leak Detector - for high speed testing

Hydrogen Leak Detector Sensistor ISH2000 HySpeed is a version of the panel mount detector ISH2000P. Designed for high speed testing of packages in line after filling and sealing, the ISH2000 HySpeed allows several tests per second.

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Extrima Hydrogen Leak Detector - Ex-clssified

Extrima Leak Detector is the world’s first intrinsically safe leak detector using Hydrogen tracer gas, designed for leak detection in the toughest of environments, including explosion hazardous areas. Extrima fulfills the ATEX directive for use in Zone 0 – ATEX Classification Ex ia, IIC T3. Additional Ex-certificates are IECEx, CSA and NEPSI. Portable (4,5 kg), water protected (IP67) and with up to 12 hours battery capacity, Extrima can be applied in the chemical, petrochemical, aviation and petroleum industries.

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Extrima Hydrogen Leak Detector is approved and certified according to ATEX (Europe), IECEx (International), CSA (North America) and NEPSI (China). The IECEx approval is sufficient for sales in some countries, but many countries still require national approval based on IECEx certificate.

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Sensistor ILS500 Leak Detection System - for quick start

Leak Detection System Sensistor ILS500 is a complete system for leak testing, tracer gas handling, tooling control and test sequencing. It comprises three main modules, housed in a compact cabinet: the Controller Unit, the Detector Unit and the Operator Interface Unit. Equipped with a wide range of accessories, the ILS500 meets all test requirements and offers a large variety of test possibilities. It is available in Standard, Combi Probe and Filler version.

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LDS3000 Helium and Hydrogen Leak Detector

The LDS3000 is a modular helium leak detector for universal integration into industrial leak testing systems. This leak detector was specially designed to speed up industrial leak test processes.

Typical applications

The flexibility of the LDS3000 makes the instrument ideal for the inegration into complex helium leak detection systems.

    • Airbag parts,
    • Evaporators, condensers, compressors
    • Valves
    • Brake lines, fuel lines
    • Hydraulic components
    • Engines





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