Solar modules

RITEK Corporation is dedicated to the Photovoltaic (PV) product development and is professional to the production of solar systems and system deployment all over the world. Leveraging our thin-film R&D capability and expertise in CD/DVD/BD, OLED and ITO glass based on our experience in the optical storage industry over the past two decades, RITEK has been focused on the development of CIGS and crystalline solar modules. We strive to offer a variety of solar solutions to meet with customers’ needs.
Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, RITEK Corporation has premises all over the world for production, sales and services. As a professional manufacturer in the solar industry, RITEK Corporation is dedicated to its role as a corporate citizen to the environment. We aim to provide quality, high-performance and price-competitive solar modules and applications, in order to create a cleaner, greener and more comfortable life for the public.

  1. Crystalline (C-Si) Solar Modules with Polycrystalline Cells
  2. CIGS Solar Modules (Copper-Indium-Gallium-Selenide)
  3. BIPV Modules (Building-Integrated-Photovoltaic) with Poly- or  Monocrystalline  Cells

SOLAR Systems & Projects

Crystalline (C-Si) Solar Modules
Crystalline (c-Si) solar modules are the mainstream products throughout the world, due to the stability of material supplies and maturity of production technologies. Solar cells are one of the most critical elements across the value chain because they convert sunlight into electricity. RITEK Corporation sources crystalline solar cells made in Taiwan only for our solar modules, in order to ensure the best quality. Our crystalline solar modules boast high efficiency, high reliability, high durability and low conversion lost. Meanwhile, we offer customized services to cater to a variety of customers’ needs.

High-quality components to ensure the best conversion efficiency
High-level protection for severe environment
Warranty of minimal power output 90% at STC for 10 years
Warranty of minimal power output 80% at STC for 25 years
Five-year warranty




How Solar Power Works
Solar cells utilize silicon as a semiconductor material. The cells are then assembled into a solar module that converts sunlight directly into electricity. When sunlight is absorbed by the silicon material, solar energy knocks the electrons free in the silicon crystal structure, allowing the electrons to flow through the silicon material to generate electricity. Converting light (photon) into electricity (voltage) is called the photovoltaic effect. Solar modules produce DC current that is converted into AC current when the solar system is connected to a house through a grid connection.



Solar Modules Specification:
PM235T Series: 210W – 245W (1659 x 1000 x 42mm) -> link
PM220 Series: 200W – 235W (1659 x 1000 x 42mm) -> link
PM200 Series: 180W – 210W (1500 x 1000 x 42mm) -> link
PM185 Series: 160W – 190W (1341 x 1000 x 42mm) -> link
PM135 Series: 120W – 145W (1500 x 682 x 42mm) -> link

CIGS Solar Modules
CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) is consisting of four copper (Cu), indium (In), gallium (Ga) and selenide (Se). CIGS forms different phases under different temperatures and in various composition ratios. The chalcopyrite structure is the main CIGS application. Its semiconductor and light-absorbing characteristics change along with different ratios of the consisting elements. CIGS can absorb a wide range of the light spectrum. Its reliability and the conversion efficiency to convert light into electricity is the highest among all kinds of thin-film solar cells.
RITEK Technology produces CIGS modules with integrated processes from cells to module assembly. We are able to manufacture larger-size modules that standard size, in order to lower material and production costs. This approach also avoids the issue concerning unsteady material supplies. RITEK’s CIGS modules have higher light absorption efficiency and accumulated energy generation compared to crystalline modules. Meanwhile, our CIGS modules have a longer lifespan. They show unlimited potential in a wide range of applications.

  • The most reliable quality
  • The high conversion efficiency
  • Low material and manufacturing costs
  • High accumulated energy generation
  • Long life span
  • Wide range of the illuminance



Electrical Performance
 ‧Electrical Performance at 1,000W/m2, AM1.5 under Standard Test Conditions (STC)
‧Power output [+/- 4%] : 72W
‧Open circuit voltage : 80.6V
‧Short circuit current : 1.62A
‧Voltage at Maximum power : 50.4V
‧Current at Maximum power : 1.42A

Mechanical Specification
 ‧Length * width * thickness : 610 * 1210 * 35 mm (With frame)
  600 * 1200 * 30mm (Frameless)
‧Weight : 13kgs (With frame) / 11.4kgs (Frameless)
‧Front cover : 3.2mm tempered low iron glass
‧Back cover : 3.2mm floating glass
‧Frame : Anodized aluminium frame
‧Cell type : CIGS [Cu(In, Ga)Se2]
‧Junction box : Protection class IP 65, with by-pass diode
‧Cable length : 900mm
‧Connector : Multicontact MC4

Properties of system
‧Max. system voltage1000V
‧Module operation temperature -40℃ -85℃ 

BIPV Modules
 BIPV (Building-integrated photovoltaic) modules serve dual purposes of solar energy generation and exterior walls of buildings. They are designed into different modules or arrays and installed on buildings.
RITEK Corporation provides solar module glass of different see-through rates, in order to cater to the needs of different users. BIPV products integrate lighting designs and exterior layouts of buildings. They create a green energy environment that is structurally safe, spatially comfortable and aesthetically beautiful. Especially for the population dense areas, BIPV is the best energy-generation solution because it integrates into buildings and saves space utilization.
 ‧High conversion efficiency of solar module
‧High-level protection for severe environment
‧Warranty of minimal power output 90% at STC for 10 years
‧Warranty of minimal power output 80% at STC for 25 years



Solar Module specifications:
PM220G Series: 200W – 225W (1760 x 1066 x 13mm) -> link
MM220G Series: 200W – 225W (1760 x 1066 x 13mm) -> link



RITEK Corporation boasts extensive experience in solar systems. Our service team provides consulting, planning, designing and constructing services to address the solar system market. We design solar systems with professional knowledge, a hands-on attitude and support from advanced CAD systems. Our blueprints and engineering plans are detailed and accurate. RITEK Corporation is the first company that adopts welding-free assembly. This approach is efficient, time-saving and cost-competitive. Moreover, the constructed solar systems are aesthetically attractive. The high-quality solar modules manufactured by RITEK Corporation are accompanied with erosion-resident and acid-resident mounting systems and water-proof components such as switches. Our solar systems are energy-efficient, environmental-friendly and guaranteed by RITEK Corporation.
The experienced team of RITEK Corporation offers integrated services and energy-efficient solutions (solar energy first before using electricity from utilities). This can enhance corporate images with environmental friendly efforts and avoid fines in summer for excess consumption of electricity. Our modules come with a warranty of 25 years or more. Meanwhile, solar modules may be potentially exempt from carbon taxes. RITEK Corporation strives to provide the best solar systems of all scales, for utilities, commercial and residential applications.

 Designing flows for Ritek’s Solar Systems