QS Australia proudly presents VTech Pre-evacuation system. VTech combines over 50 years of experience in equipment design and process engineering of HVAC&R assembly lines. Pre-evacuation is one of the most important steps in the manufacturing process. Ensuring that circuits are free from moisture and other contaminants is essential in ensuring product quality.


We supply a full range of VTech pre both single and multiple pump configurations with different levels of automation, from the Pre-Vac10 Manual Evacuation System to the VTech 90 Automatic Evacuation System with Vacuum Decay Leak Test. VTech also offers its Data-Vac System for plantwide integration of pre-evacuation systems with wireless data transfer capability including RF vacuum gauges, wireless hub and PC software.



VTech is a US based manufacturer of process equipment for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration OEMs and Tier 1 component suppliers.

Items Type # of Vacuum Pump(s) # of Hose pairs Download

VTech Pre-Vac 10

Pre-Evacuation System

Manual 1 1  Brochure - VTech Pre-Vac 10

VTech Pre-Vac 90

Pre-Evacuation System

Automatic 1-4 1-4  Brochure - VTech Pre-Vac 90 


Data-Vac Pre-Evacuation System

Semi- Automatic up to 63 1 per pump  Brochure - Data-Vac 

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