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Inficon Vacuum Control Catalog 2012-2013

We are offering a full range of Inficon Vacuum Components, Vacuum Gauges, Vacuum Feedthroughs, Vacuum Valves, Vacuum Gate Valves, Vacuum Fittings.

We are specialised in the manufacturing any kind of vacuum components, chambers, manifolds or spare parts as per your drawing or our recommendation. We offer complete designs and solutions to your requirements at best quality and lowest prices!

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INFICON vacuum gauges offer superior accuracy and reliability in compact designs. Combining multiple technologies in a single controller for total pressure measurement and control of vacuum processes.

  • INFICON ceramic capacitance diaphragm gauges (CDG) outperform all metal-diaphragm CDGs in temperature and mechanical stability, zero drift, accuracy, repeatability, and corrosion resistance. Innovating beyond conventional technology, INFICON ceramic capacitance diaphragm gauges use an ultrapure aluminum oxide ceramic diaphragm, replacing traditional metal diaphragms, for vacuum measurements of superior accuracy and repeatability. Download Brochure
  • INFICON gas-type-independent Pirani Capacitance Diaphragm combines patented dual Pirani sensors and gas-type-independent ceramic capacitance diaphragm technology in a money-saving, space-saving gauge. Download Brochure
  • INFICON Bayard Alpert Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge measures 13 decades using one compact gauge, one connection, one sensor cable and one A/D converter, dramatically reducing complexity and cost. Download Brochure


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