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As of 1st December 2016 we have relocated to NEW ADDRESS:


   !!!   Unit 10, 3 Packard Avenue, Castle Hill, NSW 2154   !!!




 For Quality Services & Solutions!

 At QS AUSTRALIA you are in best hands regardless whether you wish to inquire for new equipment & components, or if you would like to have them repaired, or if you would like to seek professional advice. Our outstanding repair service supports all of your equipment either inhouse or onsite to your full satisfaction! We offer you over 25 years of experience with dedication to provide you with best solutions at fair prices and all these promptly delivered!


Overview of our growing and diversified product range:

  • High Vacuum Systems, Vacuum Components, Vacuum Pumps
  • Leak Detectors, RGA's, Thin Film Controllers
  • Refrigeration Manufacturing Equipment and Service Tools
  • Injection Moulds, Refurbishments and Surface Hard Coatings
  • Energy Saving Lights, Solar Modules & Systems


We are highly specialized in the manufacturing of customised high vacuum equipment & components as well as the manufacturing of spare parts or consummables. Please contact us today for any inquiry!

We are the perfect contact for you for Refrigeration Manufacturing equipment and HVAC service tools including the robust Inficon handheld leak detectors and reliable recovery units.

altQS Australia fully complies with current legistlations controlled by the Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd and posess all required licenses including the National Refrigerant Trading Authorisation (No.AU29409) and Refrigerant Handling licenses. 



We offer top quality injection mould design, manufacturing and refurbishments for Optical Disc manufacturing and automotive industries. In addition we offer surface hard coating services on for extended life time from wear & tear or for decorative purposes.

With growing interests towards Green Technology our high quality, high-performance and price-competitive solar modules & applications from RITEK Solar are setting new standards.

Our energy saving cathodeless fluorescent lights with extremely long life time are setting new standards in massively reducing electricity bills and offer a great alternative to create a cleaner, greener future.

Committed to absolute customer satisfaction we are proudly representing INFICON, VTech, Kashiyama Industries, Trion Technology, UCP Group, HVA High Vacuum Valves and RITEK Solar for market area Australia & New Zealand.


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